About The MPostcode Directory

The MPostcode Directory is an online community of businesses, charities and consultants based in the Greater Manchester area. Using our website you can view detailed information about all our members.

Manchester has a thriving business community and with the current economic climate we want to make sure that the community keeps thriving, growing and improving. By offering information about local companies we want to increase business to business trading within Manchester. By keeping trade local we can reduce cost, reduce pollution and keep Manchester’s local economy healthy.

Future Plans

In the future, as the directory gains more members, social events will be arranged allowing real face to face interaction and networking. These events will range from general meet-ups to focused discussions on specific industries and topics.

Why Join?

As a business, consultant or charity in Manchester do you feel you know all that the city has to offer? Becoming a member of the MPostcode Directory could open numerous doors. It might help you find a specialised consultant or a local parts manufacturer.

Imagine if another business, consultant or charity is looking for your services in Manchester. Do they know you exist? As a member of the MPostcode Directory you will become exposed to all other members.

The possibilities are endless and best of all, it’s…

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