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At The Heart Of The Northern Powerhouse

At The Heart Of The Northern Powerhouse

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About The MPostcode Business Hub

The MPostcode Business Hub is an online community of businesses, charities and consultants based in Manchester with an ‘M’ Postcode. Using our website you can view information about all our members and contact them directly.

Manchester has a thriving business community and with the current economic climate we want to make sure that the community keeps growing and improving. By offering information about local companies we want to promote business to business trading within Manchester, and by keeping trade local we can reduce both cost and pollution as well as keeping Manchester’s local economy healthy.

Our mission is to boost the visibility of our members and provide a really useful source of information to users both locally and globally.

Future Plans

Our Member population is growing faster than we expected. With growth comes great ideas and greater demands from our enthusiastic members and we are listening.

We plan to launch a new Portal on Mpostcode Business Hub each month to grow the site into a ‘favourite’ for business people in Manchester and those businesses planning to come to Manchester.

Our next Hubs are planned to be dedicated Manchester Events Hub and a Manchester Jobs Hub, a unique location to post your events or job vacancies and exclusively for events and jobs with an M Postcode address.

Why Join?

As a business, consultant or charity in Manchester do you know all that the city has to offer? Becoming a member of the MPostcode Business Hub could open many new doors. It might even help you find a specialist consultant or local manufacturer.

Imagine if businesses, consultants or charities are looking for your services in Manchester. Do they even know you exist? As a member of the MPostcode Business Hub you will be seen.

The possibilities are endless and best of all, it’s FREE to join.

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