MPostcode FAQ Hub

MPostcode FAQ Hub

Frequently Asked Questions

We regularly get asked the same questions so here are some of the answers that might be useful…..

Premium (GOLD) Membership is now live and available quarterly or annually.

A 2nd category can be agreed with your membership manager and will cost £100 plus VAT per annum.  Please note a 2nd category is included FOC in the Premium (GOLD) Membership.

As a member of MPostcode, you’ll be part of a growing community of successful businesses in Manchester, and as well as being more visible to your current and potential customers, you’ll have access to events, offers from other members and enjoy a completely easy way of participating in Manchester being a vital part of The Northern Powerhouse. We are here to promote you so don’t be shy.

Hopefully more than you can get anywhere else for free including: a quality profile with links to your website and social media, a high value SEO backlink, promotion via MPostcode’s social media, free networking events in quality locations, member-to-member offers, free PR if you have a story that needs telling…

Please visit the Membership Plans Hub or contact your membership manager.

Just visit the website, click ‘Join’, complete the short form about your business and submit it.  Your membership Manager will do the rest.

Nothing, not unless you want to.  We’re happy to share your news, offers, events and social media posts, but there’s no obligation, even as a free member, to actively participate in any of our activities or events unless you wish to do so.

The networking events are planned to be monthly initially and the venues will be varied to reflect the different interests of our members.

No, but it would a great way to pay us back if you enjoy the session.

No, we pride ourselves on having a completely advertisement free platform. We provide a space for members to present offers and you have the choice to look or not.  We want to build a totally transparent, professional and ethical community of Manchester businesses.