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Manchester Carbon Heroes

Manchester Carbon Heroes – recognising Manchester businesses that are taking real steps to reduce their carbon footprint.
Nominate a business or organisation that is setting a good carbon footprint example.

Click the link below and let us about the business you want to nominate and how it has made a change, (no matter how small) that you feel helps to make Manchester a greener city. Just tell us the name of the business, or organisation, and what steps they’ve taken to reduce their carbon footprint, and we will do the rest. Their story will show below.


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Latest Winners of The Manchester Carbon Hero Award

Carrick Signs Ltd
Carrick Signs Limited, Unit 8, Park Seventeen, Moss Lane, Whitefield. M45 8FJ
January 2020
Carrick Signs Ltd

Carbon Saving Best Practice:

Carrick Signs are paving the way way with sustainable materials, printed using the latest eco-friendly printers to offer customers the most sustainable large format print solutions possible. With continuing steps being made across the business; widening our recycling options, moving to LED lighting in our production facility and offering recyclable materials, Carrick are embarking on a carbon-neutral journey throughout 2020. We’re working with some of our current customers very closely who’ve previously printed on a partially recyclable media who have moved across to the new 100% recyclable stock and it’s having a massively positive response. Our ‘flagship’ eco-product is even composed of 66% recycled material.

Comment from Mpostcode:

“Carrick Signs Limited are demonstrating a real commitment to sustainability right across their business and it’s practices. An outstanding champion for the environment and noteworthy Carbon Hero.”
Kyle – Mpostcode Membership Manager

Comment from winner Carrick Signs Limited:

“Great afternoon yesterday connecting with these fine folk MPostcode Business Hub first event of the year. Looking forward to plenty more.”
Mike– Sales Manager, Carrick Signs Limited

betternotstop logo
betternotstop, WeWork Labs. Manchester. M2 6DS
January 2020

Carbon Saving Best Practice:

I am aiming to be the most climate-positive business in Manchester in 2020. We plant more trees with Gone West to over covering the carbon emissions created by our business and the trips we do, making us completely carbon positive. Not only that this year we are increasing our support by me making four huge changes in how I run my business. Giving up my city-centre office to reduce carbon emissions by working from home. Changing my home energy supplier to Octopus which only uses 100% renewable energy and offsets all my carbon emissions from home with an additional fee to my tariff.
My new vegan diet will reduce my carbon footprint by 70% and zero waste will remove the 400Kg of landfill I create a year! Making I can inspire some changes in the group!

Comment from Mpostcode:

“What Hannah is doing for sustainability both with her business and personally is remarkable. A shining example of how we can all make changes to help the environment and achieve a sustainable future for everyone.”
Kyle – Mpostcode Membership Manager

Fdg New
Fairhursts Design Group, 55 King Street, Manchester, M2 4LQH
December 2019

Fairhursts Design Group

Carbon Saving Best Practice:

FDG designed the new GlaxoSmithKline Centre for Sustainable Chemistry that provides unrivalled facilities for chemistry. The focus on sustainability is reflected in the building itself, which incorporates the latest technologies to allow it to be carbon neutral over its lifetime.

Comment from Mpostcode:

“I’m so proud to have such an incredible champion for the environment as a member of MPostcode.  In my opinion this building is a flagship design for buildings of the future.”
Kyle – Mpostcode Membership Manager

Comment from winner Fairhursts Design Group:

“A full house yesterday for the MPostcode December Networking event at Manchester Central Library! It was a pleasure to present our DescriptionGlaxoSmithKline Carbon Neutral Laboratories building for the University of Nottingham, and showcase our work on sustainability timber architecture and offsite construction.
Delighted to receive the Carbon Heroes Award at the event and to meet so many interesting people.”
Rick– Associate Director, Fairhursts Design Group

Thermatic, Salford, M50 3UP
September 2019

Sofie Thermatic

Carbon Saving Best Practice:

  • While Thermatic are a HVACR (Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration) company, we’ve taken small steps to reduce our footprint, with a future plan for much bigger changes as we move into 2020.
  • We’re reducing our single use plastic consumption within the office by supplying all staff with Thermatic branded re-useable bottles.
  • We have a recycle initiative set in place to ensure we recycle all plastic, glass, paper, and metal waste where possible – including the addition of dedicated recycle bins across the head office.
  • When our electronics have reached the end of their lifecycle we make sure to recycle them in the correct manner, ensuring every part of the electronic is recycled where possible, including data-wiping of any hard-drives.
  • Thermatic tries to keep communication and records digital where possible, where it isn’t possible, we have wastepaper recycling and use the printers two-sided print feature to reduce waste.

Comment from winner Thermatic:

We’re really proud to announce that Thermatic were awarded the Manchester Carbon Hero Award from MPostcode in recognition of our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint through innovation and technology, green initiatives and recycling schemes!
Reducing our footprint doesn’t just stop with Thermatic, we offer IOT SMART technology to our customers to reduce risk and cost while simultaneously reducing their carbon footprint too!

Greystone Consulting, Trinity Way, M3 7BG
September 2019

Ben Greystone

Carbon Saving Best Practice:

In my experience of Greystone they have always been focused on the environment and trying to be as ‘clean’ as possible. I.T by its very nature is made up of cables and hardware.
Greystone always use power and cooling efficient systems and hardware they use and provide to companies. They leverage virtualisation and cloud technology to reduce using actual hardware and materials, which also makes a company more efficient, reduce energy usage and have less impact on the environment.

Finally, Greystone encourage remote working and implement secure solutions which furthermore reduce the environmental impact of a business.

Comment from winner Greystone Consulting Ltd:

So proud that Greystone Consulting Ltd was nominated and won the Manchester’s Carbon Hero award from Glad our green IT solutions are making a difference.

Comment from Mpostcode:

Being at the awards yesterday has been one of the most memorable and rewarding experiences I’ve had the pleasure to be involved with. Hearing about the efforts that Greystone Consulting Ltd, Thermatic and The Dot Factory have gone to, to play their part in building a sustainable future for everyone has been incredible. Well done for all your hard work and I’m looking forward to sharing all your successes with everyone in the future!

MPostcode’s response to both Carbon Heroes from the event:

Yesterday’s event was one of the most memorable events I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing while being Membership Manager for MPostcode. Seeing so many people from so many different businesses and organisations coming together and sharing their stories makes all the hard work and effort so rewarding. Being a part of Manchester’s thriving business community and learning so much from so many people is an incredible journey. I’d just like to thank Patrick Lauruol for being such a fantastic source of help and encouragement since I started. Velody for the inspiration and calmness when things get a little hectic, and Aaron Fletcher for being with us right from the start and understanding exactly what our vision for the future of MPostcode is all about. I’d also like to thank all the other amazing people I’ve met along the journey so far for sharing their stories with me and helping to make MPostcode the most talked about networking community in Manchester.

The Dot Factory, Trafford Park, M17 1EH
August 2019

Dot Factory

Carbon Saving Best Practice:

  • Installation of a large solar panel power plant on the factory roof to significantly reduce the energy costs of the business, a 75% cost saving on monthly bills.
  • Comprehensive approach to recycling with a zero waste & zero landfill goal.
  • Sourcing policy from recycled product suppliers where possible.

Comment from Mpostcode:

“As the inaugural winner of the Manchester Carbon Heroes award we were delighted to have such an outstanding company fully committed to Carbon saving and financial benefit”
Kyle – Mpostcode Membership Manager

Comment from winner Dot Factory:

“We are honoured & proud to receive this Carbon Hero Award at today’s networking event. Following our investment back in March we installed solar panels onto our roof in Trafford Park in a bid to reduce our carbon footprint. It’s already paying dividends, even in Manchester. Thanks to for choosing us for their very first award!”
Stuart – Senior Account Manager, The Dot Factory